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Super Influential Users


What is the Super Influential Users Experience Program?

    The Super Influential Users Experience Program means to gather UNIOJO users who like sharing their own experience and suggestions to try our products for free and help us hear the voices of users.


Why choose to join the Super Influential Users Experience Program?

    Super Influential Users will receive our evaluation invitation before the new product is launched, and you can choose whether to experience the product according to your own preferences. After accepting the invitation, you will be the first to use the new product.

    In addition, Super Influential Users also enjoy lower purchase discounts and other preferential incentives.


Who can be Super Influential Users?

The applicant must be a brand member of UNIOJO.

    Then, one of the following three conditions is met to join the program:
    1.Facebook, Twitter, Instagram—at least 1K followers and active engagement.
    2.YouTube/ TikTok Channel—at least 1K subscribers and high-quality content.
    3.Blog/Personal website—at least 1K visits per day.


Where can you share your experience?

    We encourage you to share your experience with the product on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, blogs, or other online platforms.

   Super Users are expected to test and upload detailed and unbiased reviews on the product within a week. If circumstances prevent a Super User from providing timely review, they are expected to provide a notice in advance. Delayed or copied reviews may impact eligibility to apply for future products.

    If assistance is needed during testing, Super Users are encouraged to contact our support team (support@uniojo.com) directly.


How to join the Super Influential Users Experience Program?

Please contact us via email (support@uniojo.com).

    Please note that the content of the email should include:
    1. Name, address and phone number (for mailing products).
    2. Links to social platforms, blogs or personal websites.