Network,Full HD,SD card capacity,Infared LEDs,3-proof structure,Video recording,RJ45,Motion detection

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  • 【1080P high-defination smart Wireless IP camera】 This full HD wireless camera has a high resolution of 1920*1080 full HD. Thanks to this ultra-high resolution, you can see details well even at a long distance, and you can zoom in on the camera image without losing quality. 
  • Remote view with iPhone/ Android device】You can download the application to bind the camera, and use the iPhone/Android device to remotely view the monitoring screen.
  • Motion detection and automatically recording】This camera has motion detection and automatic recording functions. When the camera detects the movement of an object, it will automatically record and alarm via notification push.
  • 10 meters night vision range for night surveillance】The camera has a night vision range of ten meters for you to monitor at night, so that you can still monitor a clear picture at night.
  • Automatically day and night mode switch function】At the same time, the camera has an automatic day and night mode switching function, which automatically switches day and night modes for monitoring according to the environment.