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The uses of borescopes that you don't know!

    We buy borescopes mainly for checking car engines, drain pipes, HVAC, etc. But beyond that, it has some interesting uses that you may never have heard of.
    Let's take a look!

    Fishing enthusiasts, have you ever waited all afternoon to find the wrong fishing spot and got little reward?
    Now is the time when the UNIOJO borescope comes in handy. Before we start fishing, let's take an borescope and go to the bottom of the water to observe the distribution of fish underwater. This can help you find the sweet spot where the fish is dense.

    Warm reminder: the borescope needs to be gentle when entering the water, so as not to scare away the fish.


    UNIOJO borescopes can help you get rid of bee attacks when you inspect the hive. The borescope's slender cable helps enter the hive through the tiny hole. With its help, it becomes easy to quickly check the bee and honey situation, saving your time and effort to a great extent.


    Birds build their nests in tall trees. What method do you use to observe the inside of the bird's nest? Want to climb up? The UNIOJO borescope to tell you the answer! With the UNIOJO borescope, you can easily understand the situation in the bird's nest while standing on the ground. An borescope allows you to observe birds as they hatch their chicks and how they grow.


     The UNIOJO borescope can be used to inspect gun barrels. The insertion tube with a camera at the front end of the borescope can observe the inside of the dark and narrow barrel, effectively check the abnormal conditions such as foreign objects, dirt, defects, wear and so on inside, and transmit a clear image to the display of the host. Allows users to fully grasp the internal situation.

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